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'Review' is a lightweight code annotation tool for Reflector. It can be used during code reviews or API reviews to take notes and pass them to other project members.

A review contains a list of code annotations. An annotation is associated to a code element (type, method, etc...) and contains a list of changes. A change is composed of a comment, a date, a user, a status and resolution. All data is stored in an XML file. Multiple review files can be merged into one file. To avoid loosing any information, changes are written to disk after each 'commit'.



  • New Review: Clears the current review information.
  • Open Review: Prompts the user to open a .review file.
  • Save As Review: Saves the current review to a user-selected file.
  • Merge Reviews: Prompts the user to select one or multiple review files. Each annotation will be merged into the current review.
  • Previous Annotation (Ctrl+Up): Moves to the previous annotation and updates Reflector to point to the annontated code element (if available).
  • Next Annotation (Ctrl+Down): The same the other way around.
  • Create/Edit Annotation (Ctrl+W): Creates a new annotation or a new change for the current code element.
  • Save Annotation (Ctrl+S): Saves the current comment.
  • Delete/Cancel Annotation:
    • in edit mode, cancels the change.
    • in read mode, deletes the annotation.
  • Status Range: Update the status of the annotation.
  • Resolution Range: Update the resolution of the annotation.

Download here

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gurpiar May 28, 2008 at 6:36 PM 
How can I choose to Ignore version number on assemblies while storing a review? If this feature is not there, I would like to request it, it will be very valuable.