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This will replace any exisiting file type associations with .ref files

The AssemblyListEx add-in allows you to create assembly list files (.ref) and load a set of assemblies directly into reflector by doulble clicking on the file.

To register the file type association add the add-in via the View->Add-in's menu item. Then close reflector and run:
Reflector.exe /RegisterAssemblyListFileType

To unregister the file type association ensure the add-in is listed in the the add-in manager (View->Add-in's menu item) then run:
Reflector.exe /UnregisterAssemblyListFileType

To launch reflector with an assembly list from the command line run:
Reflector.exe /assemblyListFile:<pathToFile>

File format - .REF files
The assembly list file is an XML file. The file format is as follows:
<AssemblyList  SupressResolveUI="[yes|no]"  ResolveReferences="[yes|no]"  ClearAssemblyList="[yes|no]">
<!-- Defaults are: SupressResolveUI="yes"  ResolveReferences="no"  ClearAssemblyList="yes" -->
  <Assembly Path="<relative to .ref file or absolute path>"/>
  <Assembly Path="<relative to .ref file or absolute path>"/>

Download here.


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This AddIn does not work !