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Add-ins to include

Oct 14, 2009 at 2:15 AM

There's a couple of add-ins not listed there (see below).
Also, what about all-in-one release (maybe with reflector.cfg, but without reflector binaries)?

Missing add-ins list:

AssemblyCollection Sort is a simple addin that sorts (or reorders) the assembly listing in Reflector to be in alphabetical order.

Enums Addin provides a Bit Flag Converter for helping to determine which bits are turned on by providing an integer or vice versa. This addin also includes an Enum Viewer that is a custom enum disassembler (for VB and C# only) that allows the user to decide whether enum fields should be shown in alphabetical order or by value.

Dependency Structure Matrix PlugIn for .NET Reflector.

This is a Reflector add-in that will find all of the exceptions that might be thrown by a method.

Snippy is a light weight snippet compiler.

Reflector.Graph (refined):
Diagrams with Reflector and the Graph Plugin (Part 1)
Also see refractor (

Use Xmi4DotNet to export your model into a UML package to simplify drawing.

CodeShortcut addin provides a 'Create Shortcut' context menu item for creating a code:// shortcut on your desktop to the item you currently have selected.

Plug-in that produces the CodeDom code needed to create the contents of the assembly.

Reflector's add-in to support Vulcan language.