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Powershell Language Add-In

Aug 5, 2015 at 4:05 AM
Hi All,

I just wanted to give a BIG THANKS to whomever wrote the PowerShell Language Add-In.
While we all appreciate that Powershell avails the entire (well almost) .NET library to us. At times it's difficult to determine how to do things from that side of the fence, whereas with C#, VB.NET we have the awesome Visual Studio IDE to help assist us in making the right choices. Powershell doesn't and is a little more difficult because it's interpeted. However for things like trying to determine the name of the object you need to use to exercise the same functionality that you can in C# or a compiled language it sometimes can become a guess game -- even when you know the types and static classes resident in an assembly.

Sheesh! I was just stuck on one such problem leveraging a .NET wrapper to the Tidy library. I prefer EFTidy as I"ve had some success with it. Thanks to that Author too and my thoughs and prayers are with him re: his mom. ie: ThatsALOK

So that's it. THANKS for getting me moving again and out my hell hole of frustration.