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Problem in Extracting BizTalk 2006 dll's

May 1, 2013 at 11:46 AM
I am migrating my application from 2006 R2 version to 2010 version. I do not have the source code for the application and hence used the 2006 production dll. I am using .Net Reflector Tool 8.0 with BizTalkDisassembler add-in.

After extraction, I am able to view few Schemas and Pipelines after changing the xml version. For some files am getting error "Value cannot be null - parameter name : path2"

Am not able to view Maps and Orchestrations. While trying to open .odx files, am getting the error "File is not in the proper .odx format and cannot be opened in the Orchestration Designer".

Has anyone else faced the same issues.

Can someone please provide any suggestions.

Also let me know, any alternative tool to extract BizTalk dll's?