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Using Reflector from the command line during Continuous Integration

Nov 14, 2010 at 2:37 PM

I'm trying to use Reflector to generate Code Complexity metrics (using the CodeMetrics addin) as part of my continuous integration build (Hudson).

I have Reflector checked into my repo, along with the CodeMetric addin.

However, when the CI process tries to run reflector from the command line, ala:

  "C:\Websites\hudson\jobs\RTD-Subscription-Engine\workspace\src\..\tools\reflector\Reflector.exe" /Run:Reflector.CodeMetrics /Assembly:"C:\Websites\hudson\jobs\RTD-Subscription-Engine\workspace\src\..\src\SubscriptionEngine.Core\bin\Debug\SubscriptionEngine.Core.dll" /OutputPath:"CodeMetrics.xml"
it just hangs.

I suspect that the add-in has to be manually "added" from a GUI before running from the command line.

Is there a way to register the addin from the command line?  

Alternately, where is reflector storing which addins are active?  Perhaps I could just poke in some registry settings before running the command line?